G-Dragon is involved in a drug case, and YG Entertainment responds to the media.

Having debuted with YG Entertainment, G-Dragon was a member of the popular K-pop group BIGBANG.

No longer with YG Entertainment, G-Dragon decided to depart in June 2023 and joined Warner Records.

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Then, on Wednesday (25/10), G-Dragon was charged with allegations of using illegal narcotics by the Incheon Police.

As reported by Sports News, G-Dragon is currently under investigation by the police for alleged violations of drug management laws.

It is known that G-Dragon involvement in this case is a consequence of the investigation of actor Lee Sun Kyun, who was previously charged with drug use.

The police reported that the results of Lee Sun Kyun’s investigation led to G-Dragon being identified for further investigation.

On the same day, YG Entertainment was asked about the drug case involving their former artist, GD, and their response caught the attention of KNetz.

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No longer being their artist, YG Entertainment casually stated that it is difficult for them to respond officially because he is no longer affiliated with our company,” as quoted from Sports News.

Immediately becoming a topic of discussion among KNetz on Theqoo website, YG’s statement about their former artist’s unfortunate news prompted various reactions, such as:

“They should have said, ‘It’s very regrettable,’ hahaha.”

“Oh, they (YG) must have transferred him to another agency before he got caught like this.”

“They’re trying to minimize the damage.”

“Because he’s no longer with YG, will the case then be exposed?”

“Wow, their official statement is so short, hahaha.”

“YG has been trying to distance themselves for a long time.”

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“I heard that if he were still with YG, he wouldn’t have been caught using marijuana, what does that mean?”

“YG is doing their job well.”

“It seems like YG is even happy he didn’t renew his contract.”

“If he were still with YG, he probably wouldn’t have been caught, right? At the very least, they would have been sanctioned for warning the public to be cautious. But Warner’s main office is overseas, and their management is more lenient than here, so they do whatever they want, and the situation becomes worse,” and many more KNetz comments about GD’s drug use case.”

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