BTS – The Grammy Awards 2024 have released the categories for every nomination from various artists, including BTS members.

The categories for BTS members’ nominations at the Grammy Awards 2024 have been announced and organized, although it is worth noting that they are not yet official, and there may still be additions and changes.

As reported by onthebulletin on Thursday October 12, all of the albums and solo singles from BTS members have been included in the nominations. However, netizens have expressed concerns about the categories for RM and V of BTS.

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Here are the categories for BTS members at the Grammy Awards 2024, which are subject to change and updates:


– “Indigo”: Pop Vocal Album
– “Wild Flower”: Pop Duo/Group Performance, Music Video


– “The Astronaut”: Pop Solo Performance, Music Video


– “D-Day”: Rap Album
– “Haegeum”: Rap Performance, Music Video

The categories for BTS members at the Grammy Awards 2024 (Twitter @mhereonlyforbts)


– “On the Street”: Pop Duo/Group Performance, Music Video


– “Face”: Pop Vocal Album
– “Like Crazy”: Record of the Year (ROTY), Song of the Year (SOTY), Pop Solo Performance, Music Video
– “Angel Pt 1”: Pop Duo/Group Performance

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– “Layover”: Pop Vocal Album
– “Slow Dancing”: Pop Solo Performance, Music Video


– “Seven”: ROTY, SOTY, Pop Duo/Group Performance, Music Video

Some netizens have expressed dissatisfaction with the categories assigned to RM and V of BTS because their albums have been placed in the Pop Vocal Album category.

This dissatisfaction arises because it is known that V BTS’s album “Layover” contains R&B with elements of Jazz and Pop, and RM BTS’s album “Indigo” has also raised concerns about its category as it is placed in the Pop Vocal Album category without considering its rap elements.

Here are some netizen comments regarding the categories of RM and V BTS at the Grammy Awards 2024:

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“Why are ‘Indigo’ and ‘Layover’ in the Pop Album category?”

“I need to understand the logic behind this because it doesn’t make sense.”

“I am also wondering about this. I am confused about some of the categories they put BTS members in. They seem to be competing with each other in many ways.”

“How does ‘Indigo’ become a pop vocal album? At this point, it seems like they submitted it for that purpose.”

“How are ‘Layover’ and ‘Slow Dancing’ classified as pop?”

“In my opinion, they are not purely pop, leaning more towards jazz/pop with R&B, and there isn’t a specific genre that is 75% present in the album, so it doesn’t fit the R&B category.”

And many more comments, but it’s important to note that the categories for the Grammy Awards 2024 are subject to change and additional information.

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