Attention and care are demonstrated by YG Entertainment through their financial contributions. A donation of 100 million Won has been made to support the emotional stability of children who are victims of abuse.

The health and growth of these children will be directly monitored by Save The Children through music therapy.

As reported by Star News, YG Entertainment recently held a Donation Sending Ceremony for the Save the Children Music Therapy Support Project for Children Victims of Abuse. The event took place at YG’s headquarters in Hapjeong-dong, Seoul.

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The event was attended by YG Co-CEO Bo Kyung Hwang, Save the Children President Jeong Yeong Tae, and Head of External Cooperation Kim Hee Kwon.

The donation was handed over on January 19, 2024, to four specialized institutions, including child protection agencies in Seoul, Bucheon, Ansan, and Ulsan, under the international children’s rights NGO Save the Children.

They also plan to establish music therapy rooms and care programs. Additionally, psychotherapy will be applied through language and play with the children. This collaboration aims to promote efforts to support emotional stability and healthy growth for the victims. The hope is that this initiative will reduce the impact of abuse on children.

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YG expressed, “We are very pleased to have this meaningful opportunity to support the growth of healthy children and teenagers and contribute to society through music.”

They strongly hope that children going through difficult times can return to their daily lives as soon as possible, and they pledge to continue such efforts in the future.

YG also promises to fulfill their social responsibility through various social contribution actions.

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