On Thursday, January 18, former WINNER member Nam Tae Hyun and his ex-girlfriend, Seo Min Jae, who recently changed her name to Seo Eun Woo, have officially been sentenced.

The Central District Court of Seoul has handed down the following sentences:

Nam Tae Hyun: 1-year suspended prison sentence for 2 years.

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Seo Eun Woo: 10-month suspended prison sentence for 2 years.

Both are required to undergo 40 hours of drug rehabilitation.

They each received fines of 550,000 Won and 450,000 Won, respectively.

However, neither Nam Tae Hyun nor his ex-girlfriend is detained, as both have no prior criminal records or history of illegal drug use.

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During the 2-year probation period, if they violate and use illegal drugs again, they will serve their prison sentences.

In another instance, Nam Tae Hyun and Seo Eun Woo admitted their wrongdoing in using illegal drugs and publicly apologized in October 2023.

A flashback reveals that Nam Tae Hyun debuted under YG Entertainment alongside WINNER after competing in a talent search against iKON.

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However, in November 2016, YG Entertainment announced that the 29-year-old had decided to leave WINNER. Subsequently, he formed a band named South Club with three other members.

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