Joy Red Velvet has become the topic of discussion among netizens due to her recent visual changes.

Throughout her career, Joy Red Velvet has been known as an idol with impressive talent and captivating visuals. Joy has gone viral several times for her visuals, and one of her most beloved appearances by the public was at the MAMA Awards in 2017.

Her popularity soared even more after her performance at the 2017 MAMA Awards. Due to this popularity, the public’s attention is always focused on Joy’s appearance, and one of the most loved by fans is a photo of her heading to work.

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Recently, on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, fans captured a photo of Joy as she was heading to the filming location for the Animal Farm show.

The photo of Joy was taken in the falling snow, with her posing under an umbrella, smiling, and showcasing her latest bangs.

However, netizens pointed out that Joy’s appearance looked slightly different than usual. One noticeable change was in her eyelids; Joy is known for her beautiful monolid eyes, but in this photo, her eyes appeared different and slightly swollen, leading many netizens to speculate that Joy had undergone plastic surgery on her eyes.

Upon seeing these photos, netizens had mixed opinions; some believed that Joy had indeed undergone plastic surgery, while others thought it might be due to her weight gain.

“Joy, what did you do to your eyes?”

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“The upper eyelids look different, and she didn’t need surgery.”

“It seems like she had double eyelid surgery without an incision.”

“It could just be eyelid tape.”

“If Joy undergoes surgery, is it a big deal for you? Many idols undergo changes, and you don’t say anything, but if it’s Joy, you immediately assume.”

“Her weight gain, swollen face in the winter morning, and the bangs, it’s a triple kill; no need for surgery to explain this.”

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Despite the speculations about the changes her might have made, she still looks beautiful as ever.

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