Two South Korean singers, Hyuna and Yong Jun Hyung, are suspected to be in an intimate relationship as a couple. This speculation arose after Hyuna posted a photo on her Instagram showing her walking hand in hand with Yong Jun Hyung.

Hyuna even added a caption to the photo with emoticons of a man and a woman and a heart in the middle.

Not only Hyuna, but Yong Jun Hyung also uploaded the same photo on his personal Instagram.

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In particular, Hyuna left a comment writing “please wait well.”

Hyuna and Yong Jun Hyung’s photo posts (Instagram @bigbadboii, @hyunah_aa)

Hyuna was also caught liking a fan’s comment that said, “I will support you, eonni. I love you.”

Seeing Hyuna publicly announce her relationship with Yong Jun Hyung has garnered various reactions from netizens. Many of them were surprised and congratulated the couple.

However, some suspect that they are not dating but rather teasing a collaboration project.

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Meanwhile, Yong Jun Hyung’s agency, when contacted by Korean media regarding this news, stated that they are still verifying the accuracy of the information.

Although they both posted intimate photos together, the relationship between Hyuna and Yong Jun Hyung remains a big question mark as there is no direct confirmation that they are officially dating.

Hyuna herself announced at the end of 2022 that she had broken up with Dawn. The two were known as a phenomenal celebrity couple in Korea and had been dating for 6 years. Unfortunately, their relationship had to come to an end without a known reason.

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The news of Hyuna and Dawn’s breakup was quite shocking to netizens as they had previously announced their engagement. Despite the end of their romantic relationship, both Hyuna and Dawn promised to remain good friends with each other.

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