HYBE has been flooded with criticism from Korean netizens following its actions in dealing with the spread of false rumors compared to Wonyoung IVE’s agency, Starship Entertainment.

Recently, Wonyoung IVE and Starship won a lawsuit against YouTuber Sojang, who had spread false news about them. As a result of the lawsuit, Sojang was ordered to pay a fine of 100 million Won.

Sojang, the YouTuber in question, has a history of spreading false news about idols, including Wonyoung IVE and members of BTS, who have been the main targets.

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Some of the false rumors spread by Sojang include dating rumors involving Jungkook of BTS and Lee Yoo Bi, dating rumors about RM of BTS, and the most serious one involving V of BTS dating Jennie of BLACKPINK and the daughter of the Paradise Group.

Sojang even spread news suggesting that V of BTS enjoys drinking excessively. These rumors have led BTS members to endure various hateful comments from many people.

What infuriates netizens even more is HYBE lack of firm action against YouTuber Sojang. Despite earlier reports of an investigation into this controversial YouTuber, there has been no news of HYBE suing Sojang, unlike Starship and Wonyoung IVE, who come from smaller agencies.

Netizens expressed their criticism and anger towards HYBE for seemingly neglecting the rumors attacking their artists. Here are some comments from Korean netizens criticizing HYBE’s silence on the rumors:

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“I’m an ARMY, and I’m also very curious why this agency hasn’t thought about suing Sojang, considering the amount of rumors he’s spreading about BTS. I feel like HYBE doesn’t even respect the artists who have brought them fame and are willing to renew contracts. I really dislike HYBE, but I also want to see BTS stay together and renew their contract, hopefully avoiding situations like this in the future.”

“It’s not just HYBE; I hope all agencies can be like this. I’m not downplaying Starship, but if they can do it, then other big agencies can too if they want, right? I rarely see rumors as bad as those in Sojang’s videos, but it’s surprising that no one else besides Starship has sued him. I hope all agencies can do their job properly.”

“When I saw this, I wondered what my favorite singer’s agency has been doing all this time. They really do nothing but make money through their singers, it’s embarrassing.”

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“To all entertainment agencies, let’s rise up and take this opportunity to sue these wicked people this time.”

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