The dispute between the members of FIFTY FIFTY and their agency, ATTRAKT, continues to the present day.

Four members of FIFTY FIFTY had previously requested to suspend their exclusive contracts with ATTRAKT. However, the court rejected the appeal at the appellate level.

Amidst the legal proceedings, FIFTY FIFTY member Keena decided to withdraw the appeal she had filed. She even chose to return to ATTRAKT after withdrawing the lawsuit.

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Currently, ATTRAKT has filed a lawsuit against three other members: Sena, Sio, and Aran, regarding the termination of their exclusive contracts. In addition to these three members, ATTRAKT is also seeking compensation for damages and fines from their parents.

The Givers, Ahn Seong Il, and Baek Jin Sil are also included in ATTRAKT’s lawsuit this time.

“Compensation for losses and fines due to the breach of exclusive contracts will be awarded to former FIFTY FIFTY members, Saena, Sio, and Aran,” said a representative of ATTRAKT. “Compensation for damages resulting from illegal actions together will be awarded to The Givers, Ahn Seong Il, Baek Jin Sil, and the parents of the three members who participated in the unfair breach of exclusive contracts,” they continued.

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ATTRAKT claims that the calculated amount of fines and damages they have suffered reaches tens of billions of won.

“The calculated amount of losses and fines adds up to tens of billions of won,” stated ATTRAKT, represented by their lawyer.

Currently, FIFTY FIFTY is continuing with only one member, Keena, who returned to ATTRAKT after withdrawing her lawsuit.

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