Ji Suk Jin recently announced a hiatus from Running Man on Monday (18/12) due to health issues, sparking rumors that he might follow Jeon So Min in leaving the show.

Unlike Ji Suk Jin, who is the eldest member, Jeon So Min is the youngest member of Running Man and had decided to depart in October 2023.

After announcing the hiatus, speculation arose about whether Ji Suk Jin would follow Jeon So Min in leaving Running Man. Regarding this, Ji Suk Jin addressed the issue in an interview with SPOTV News.

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Before addressing the rumors of leaving Running Man, Ji Suk Jin faced questions about awards shows. After announcing the hiatus, concerns emerged among fans about whether the senior comedian would attend awards ceremonies. According to SPOTV News, Ji Suk Jin is a strong candidate for the SBS Entertainment Awards 2023.

In 2021, Ji Suk Jin of Running Man won the grand prize (Daesang) at the SBS Entertainment Awards. Whether Ji Suk Jin will attend the awards show remains uncertain.

Additionally, concerns arose among fans because Ji Suk Jin of Running Man recently had a conflict with his agency. It is suggested that Ji Suk Jin YouTube channel might not be fully owned by the Running Man member due to issues with the agency.

Regarding this, Ji Suk Jin stated on his personal YouTube channel that he couldn’t provide detailed information at the moment. “I can’t tell you all the details, but there will be a time when I can talk to you about it,” said Ji Suk Jin.

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The dispute between Ji Suk Jin and the agency is related to salary irregularities, with the oldest Running Man member even mentioned as allegedly paying his staff from his own pocket.

Ji Suk Jin admitted that he is aware of rumors suggesting he will follow Jeon So Min in leaving Running Man due to the announced hiatus.

Through his new agency, ESteem Entertainment, Ji Suk Jin confirmed that the news of him leaving Running Man is not true. ESteem Entertainment stated that Ji Suk Jin just needs a short break and will resume his activities on Running Man.

After taking a break and receiving sufficient care, Ji Suk Jin is expected to return to play with the other members of Running Man in good health.

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“He (Ji Suk Jin) plans to resume activities after a short break. He also saw articles mentioning his resignation, but that’s not true. It’s just a temporary cessation of activities,” said Ji Suk Jin, represented by ESteem Entertainment to SPOTV News.

“After getting enough rest and care, he will return in good health,” continued ESteem Entertainment. Ji Suk Jin only announced a hiatus, and the news of him leaving Running Man after Jeon So Min is not true.

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