Ji Suk Jin has been confirmed to take a hiatus from Running Man for a while. This was announced directly by Running Man, stating that Ji Suk Jin needs to take a break to recover his health.

Ji Suk Jin has been a member of Running Man for 13 years, during which he showcased his humor and entertaining actions alongside other members. Despite successfully lasting 13 years, Ji Suk Jin apparently tried to leave Running Man. In his private YouTube channel, Ji Suk Jin revealed that he met with the Running Man producers three times to resign.

He took this step because he felt that he wasn’t well-suited for variety shows like Running Man. Particularly, Ji Suk Jin has more experience as an MC than as a variety show entertainer.

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“It didn’t suit me at all. I had a tough time in the beginning. Unlike being an MC, as a show participant, I had to give comments at the right time. I found it challenging to integrate with Running Man,” expressed Ji Suk Jin.

He also shared that he met Cho Hyo Jin, the former PD of Running Man, three times and told him that he wanted to quit. Ji Suk Jin informed Cho Hyo Jin that he felt unneeded in Running Man and that the program wasn’t helping him in any way.

“I told Cho Hyo Jin, ‘I think it would be better for both of us if I quit the show,'” said Ji Suk Jin. However, at that time, Cho Hyo Jin PD tried to persuade Ji Suk Jin not to leave the show.

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Other members, such as Yoo Jae Suk, also made efforts to convince Ji Suk Jin to continue on Running Man. Thanks to various forms of support, Ji Suk Jin managed to endure and remains a vital part of Running Man today, known for his humorous actions and comments that bring laughter to the audience.

During Ji Suk Jin hiatus, Running Man will continue filming with its remaining five members. However, Ji Suk Jin has expressed his intention to rejoin Running Man as soon as his health improves.

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