One of the explosive cases of alleged drug abuse in the Korean entertainment industry is the accusation against G-Dragon of BIGBANG.

The police openly and confidently assert that G-Dragon of BIGBANG has been involved in drug use, and the media frenzy continues.

G-Dragon of BIGBANG, who denies the allegations, defends himself vigorously, even hiring a top-notch lawyer in his country.

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Moreover, the case involving him is full of intrigue and anomalies, starting from the initial accusation.

In essence, the case against G-Dragon of BIGBANG is marked by a never-ending drama.

Nearly two months into the investigation, the police, in reality, cannot find clear evidence that G-Dragon is genuinely involved in drug abuse.

Their investigation hits a dead end, as the police cannot find any loopholes or strong evidence, prompting them to swiftly conclude the premature allegations.

Simultaneously, G-Dragon of BIGBANG, declared negative in a series of tests conducted by the police, will finally face the ultimate decision.

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Reported by MK, on Wednesday, December 13, the drug crime investigation team of the Incheon Police Office plans to close this case.

The investigation into G-Dragon of BIGBANG will end without any charges (not guilty), and they will also lift the travel ban imposed since October 25.

G-Dragon of BIGBANG voluntarily appears for police questioning (JTBC News Live)

A police officer told Maeil Business Newspaper that they would conclude the case without any charges by the end of December.

Meanwhile, netizens express deep disappointment with what has happened to G-Dragon.

They are disappointed not because G-Dragon is acquitted without charges, but due to the police’s negligence, which has caused harm to the artist.

Netizens perceive the current situation as a tangible manifestation of unprecedented police incompetence.

They even suggest that G-Dragon, as the victim undergoing difficulties, should counter-sue for what the police have done to him.

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“The unprecedented incompetence of the police and the garbage media is a collaboration.”

“This absurdity has made GD go through a tough time for two months. You’ve worked so hard, Kwon Jiyong.”

“I feel sorry for G-Dragon; for two months, he has been a victim. You’re so strong; I even want to cry right now.”

“Crazy… poor GD.”

“GD, please file a complaint; there are also many crazy things on Thqoo.”

“GD really needs to sue.”

“The emotional pressure and financial losses must be enormous. Crazy. It’s been almost two or three months.”

“Jiyong, you’ve worked hard. Don’t let this issue pass by. Let’s file a complaint and sue,” and various other comments from netizens.

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