The names GIDLE and BLACKPINK have recently become popular keywords in social media discussions, especially on Twitter.

This occurred after GIDLE was accused of copying BLACKPINK’s intro when performing at Coachella with the song “How You Like That.”

In several videos circulating on Twitter, GIDLE performed in Los Angeles at the Jingle Ball 2023 event using an intro melody that was almost identical to BLACKPINK’s at Coachella.

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It is said that GIDLE only changed the opening words and their introduction to make it look different from BLACKPINK.

Not only that, some of the movements in GIDLE’s performance intro were also considered by netizens to be almost identical to BLACKPINK’s.

The intro movements of GIDLE that are said to be imitating BLACKPINK

Responding to these plagiarism accusations sparked a heated debate among netizens, both fans of GIDLE and BLACKPINK.

Many netizens expressed regret and criticism for GIDLE’s actions in imitating BLACKPINK. However, some argued that this is evidence that BLACKPINK has now become a standard for girl groups.

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Nevertheless, others mentioned that the intro movements are quite basic and commonly performed by idols or celebrities when starting a stage performance.

Additionally, netizens stated that this is not a significant issue because members of GIDLE and BLACKPINK are known to be close friends, especially Miyeon, who was previously a trainee at YG.

Not only GIDLE, but previously, TWICE, a girl group under JYP Entertainment, was also accused of imitating BLACKPINK’s concert concept and stage properties during their own concert. At that time, TWICE received a lot of criticism for what was considered plagiarism.

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What are your thoughts on this matter?

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