Official Debut, BABYMONSTER has captured the attention of netizens with their extraordinary debut. Performing their single “Batter Up,” BABYMONSTER has garnered support from various countries, as this rookie girl group brings a breath of fresh air to the world of K-pop music.

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In addition to being impressed by the MV, netizens have also discovered a recurring phrase in the “Batter Up” MV that leads them to believe it is fitting for BABYMONSTER.

On the Instagram post of, the original poster (OP) revealed that they found a repeated phrase in the background sound of the song “Batter Up” when the teaser video was uploaded. However, many netizens did not pay close attention to the phrase.

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The phrase “New Face, New Queen” is repeatedly uttered in the background of the song “Batter Up.” When the MV “Batter Up” was officially released, this phrase often appeared at the beginning and end of the song.

Although it sounds faint due to its context being limited to the background sound of the song, netizens are confident that the phrase is “New Face, New Queen.”

This phrase carries the meaning “New Face, New Queen,” implying that BABYMONSTER is the new face of YG Entertainment and will be the next queen.

What do you think? Have you also heard this phrase?

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