The new girl group BABYMONSTER has officially made their debut by releasing the single “Better Up.”

BABYMONSTER’s official debut has secured their registration as part of YG Entertainment artists.

However, the official recognition of BABYMONSTER as YG Entertainment artists has left netizens feeling empty.

On November 27th KST, YG Entertainment officially debuted their new girl group, BABYMONSTER.

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After months of anticipation, BABYMONSTER successfully captivated the media with their perfect performance.

BABYMONSTER looked impressive in their debut single, “Better Up,” with the distinctive style of YG Entertainment.

Having officially debuted as the 5th generation group, BABYMONSTER’s name is now listed among the artists under the umbrella of YG Entertainment.

Already registered as artists with YG Entertainment, netizens describe BABYMONSTER’s formation as empty. (Instagram @babymonster_ygofficial)

However, the registration of BABYMONSTER as YG Entertainment artists has garnered various reactions from netizens.

Some netizens stated that BABYMONSTER’s debut feels empty because Ahyeon is not part of it.

Previously, YG Entertainment announced that Ahyeon did not participate in BABYMONSTER’s debut due to health issues.

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As a result, BABYMONSTER officially debuted with the 6 members that were introduced.

Some netizens expressed that BABYMONSTER’s artist profile under YG Entertainment feels empty and incomplete due to the debut with a 6-member formation.

Here are some netizen responses on the @BABYMONGLOBAL account regarding BABYMONSTER’s registration with YG Entertainment:

“The debut of BABYMONSTER feels incomplete without Ahyeon; I hope YG Entertainment includes Ahyeon later.”

“The profile feels very empty; hopefully, Ahyeon recovers quickly and joins BABYMONSTER.”

BABYMONSTER is great, but it would be even better with Ahyeon.”

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“Don’t look for what’s not there; it’s better to support those who have worked hard.”

“I don’t expect Ahyeon to debut with BABYMONSTER anymore; it’s better if she debuts solo.”

“Really empty, the profile photo of BABYMONSTER.”

BABYMONSTER has debuted; it’s a family concert moment.”

“Sorry to say this, but BABYMONSTER’s formation would be great with Ahyeon, really.”

“The profile photo is very nice, it’s okay even if one is missing.”

What do you think?”

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