Ahyeon was previously reported to debut alongside other members of BABYMONSTER. However, a few days before BABYMONSTER’s debut date, YG announced that Ahyeon would not be debuting with them.

YG stated that Ahyeon couldn’t debut with BABYMONSTER due to health reasons and the need to take a temporary break.

On the evening of November 26th, BABYMONSTER officially debuted with the song “Batter Up,” consisting of six members: Ruka, Chiquita, Haram, Pharita, Rora, and Asa.

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There was a buzz when an OP posted on a community forum, claiming to have seen Ahyeon visiting the CUBE agency in the middle of the night.

The OP’s post sparked various reactions and comments from Knetz. Some expressed skepticism about Ahyeon’s presence at YG, noting that there were no articles confirming she was still with the agency. Others found it surprising that she might choose CUBE over other agencies, considering it wasn’t known for managing girl groups.

Here are some Knetz reactions and comments from the OP’s post:

“It’s really funny if she ends up there.”

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“This reminds me of DO going to CUBE.”

“Why CUBE? Do they have a debut unit for a girl group? Aren’t they preparing for a boy group debut?”

“She could debut with YG soon, but she prefers to go to a place where she doesn’t know when she’ll debut? And I don’t believe she’d choose CUBE over all places.”

“CUBE? They don’t even plan to have the next girl group, right?”

“Seriously, if this is true, it doesn’t make sense.”

“All CUBE idols are carried by Jeon Soyeon.”

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“After training at YG for 5 years, she would join CUBE right before her debut? That’s ridiculous.”

“Even CUBE’s girl groups are not well-managed.”

“CUBE is in a situation where all existing singers will leave; it’s unlikely Ahyeon would join them.”

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