The actor Jung Woo Sung is making a comeback by starring in his first melodrama in 11 years.

“Tell Me That You Love Me” is the melodrama project chosen by Jung Woo Sung after the great success of the film “Spring In Seoul.”

In the drama “Tell Me That You Love Me,” Jung Woo Sung will showcase his acting alongside the beautiful actress Shin Hyun Been.

“Tell Me That You Love Me” tells the story of two people who meet and communicate in unconventional ways.

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Jung Woo Sung plays the role of Cha Jin Woong, a deaf painter who expresses himself through paintings and sign language. Shin Hyun Been plays Jung Mo Eun, an artist who is not well-known and can listen with a sincere heart.

Meanwhile, “Tell Me That You Love Me” is a remake of a Japanese film written by Eriko Kitakawa.

Today, on November 27, the press conference for the drama “Tell Me That You Love Me” was held in Seoul and attended by Jung Woo Sung, Shin Hyun Been, and director Kim Yun Jin.

From the coverage by the Kpopchart team, director Kim Yun Jin said, “This is a work that depicts the process of two people with different languages and senses meeting, understanding, loving, and communicating with each other.”

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Jung Woo Sung also shared his feelings about playing in a melodrama after 11 years of often portraying strong and firm characters in films.

Director Kim Yun Jin, Jung Woo Sung, and Shin Hyun Been at the press conference for the drama “Tell Me That You Love Me” on Disney Plus Hotstar.

“All actors want to play in melodramas, and they are always looking for good scripts. Because I mostly work in films, melodrama is not my choice. That’s it,” Jung Woo Sung expressed.

“There are many great romantic stories. I am excited to present a love story for 16 episodes for the first time in 11 years, and I am also curious about its reception,” continued the 50-year-old actor.

Jung Woo Sung was also asked about the pressure of the box office success of the film “Spring In Seoul,” which garnered 2 million viewers.

“Thank you for calling it a double blessing. Fortunately, I am grateful that ‘Spring in Seoul,’ which was released first, received support. I hope that energy will continue to the drama ‘Tell Me That You Love Me,'” said Jung Woo Sung.

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“The genres are completely different, and the platforms themselves are also different, so it’s actually mutually beneficial,” Jung Woo Sung explained about the burden of the box office success of “Spring In Seoul.”

“I think this will be effective. I expect a positive effect. Because this is a completely different character, I think people who watch it will find interesting elements,” he continued about his contrasting role.

Jung Woo Sung also asked the audience to momentarily forget the character Lee Tae Shin from “Spring In Seoul” and focus on the charm of the character Cha Jin Woong in “Tell Me That You Love Me.”

In “Tell Me That You Love Me,” Jung Woo Sung and Shin Hyun Been will portray a romantic story through sign language.

The drama “Tell Me That You Love Me” will be broadcast on Genie TV, ENA, and Disney Plus Hotstar on November 27, 2023.

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