BABYMONSTER has just released their debut MV “Batter Up,” which is said to lean more towards CUBE than YG due to Yang Hyun Suk.

Initially formed by Yang Hyun Suk with seven members through evaluations, YG later announced that one member, Ahyeon, would not debut, possibly due to the CEO’s legal troubles.

Until recently, BABYMONSTER’s debut concept was considered incompatible with YG, unlike BLACKPINK’s debut concept, and was seen as more similar to one of the CUBE groups.

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YG Entertainment’s new girl group, BABYMONSTER, made their debut with the song “Batter Up” on November 27, 2023 KST.

“Batter Up” provides the first glimpse of what sounds like a powerful hip-hop song.

“Attention” is the debut of BABYMONSTER’s six members: Rami, Chiquita, Pharita, Rora, Asa, and Ruka.

Every step of BABYMONSTER debut was revealed at the last minute with their song.

The MV for BABYMONSTER was shot over five days in October, with the entire production delayed in the process of finding the perfect song for the group.

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Six members from three different countries now debut as BABYMONSTER through “Batter Up.”

Two rappers from Japan, Ruka and Asa, vocalists from Thailand Pharita and Chiquita, and Rora and Rami from Korea.

Rami was initially introduced by her real name, Haram, and her name changed during the moments before debut.

The excitement increased with the extraordinary debut of the new BABYMONSTER members.

BABYMONSTER is YG’s first new girl group in seven years since BLACKPINK debuted in 2016, leaving a historic mark on K-pop and international fans.

Fans have high hopes that BABYMONSTER will be able to live up to their reputation.

Recently, anonymous comments from YG staff emerged on online communities, reported rom theqoo with the title, “Anonymous YG Staff Comments.”

One anonymous person wrote, “After Yang Hyun Suk left, I think BABYMONSTER’s video doesn’t match the agency. Don’t you have a visual director?”

Through Naver, another anonymous comment read, “If I were someone in the industry I control, I would go to HYBE haha.”

YG responded to the anonymous comment, saying, “We didn’t have a visual director from the beginning.”

These comments come after the acknowledgment from YG staff, “But why is BABYMONSTER’s video like this? Don’t compare it to BLACKPINK’s debut.”

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YG responded, “That’s what Yang Hyun Suk did. If BLACKPINK is Teddy, then BABYMONSTER is the general manager.”

The anonymous person replied to YG, saying, “No, they are far ahead of the trend when TREASURE and BLACKPINK did it. BABYMONSTER, why is this happening to them? They look like 4Minute. It’s Teddy’s competence, come back.”

YG staff replied again, “The whole staff thinks that only he cannot be easily replaced.”

Comments also came from Korean netizens:

Yang Hyun Suk is very old-fashioned.”

“Oh damn, what is this.”

“Seriously, I’m very satisfied. Currently, this is a battle of planning skills for the girl group version.”

“As expected, small and medium.”

“If you think about how bad the teaser comeback font was a few years ago…”

“But YG actors say they’re doing well, but is it because Yang Hyun Suk didn’t do anything?”

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“Ah… it’s because of Yang Hyun Suk.”

Yang Hyun Suk… let go…”

“No, what’s wrong with 4Minute? 4Minute was also very sophisticated at that time.”

“4Minute had good songs.”

“Ah… I heard it was done in the style of Blackpink Teddy, but now I understand, the producer’s ability is amazing.”

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