BABYMONSTER is a new girl group under YG Entertainment that recently made their debut on Sunday, November 26.

BABYMMONSTER debuted with their new song titled “Batter Up,” signifying that the group is ready to enter the entertainment industry and compete with other artists.

In this debut, BABYMONSTER showcased six members: Asa, Chiquita, Pharita, Rami, Rora, and Ruka. One member, Ahyeon, was absent from BABYMONSTER’s debut due to health issues.

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Despite this, BABYMONSTER successfully debuted with the song “Batter Up,” earning admiration from many people.

On Tuesday, November 28, BABYMONSTER’s MV on YouTube had already gathered 25 million views and 1.4 million likes. With this achievement, BABYMONSTER has now accumulated a total of nine proud accomplishments.

It’s noteworthy that BABYMONSTER achieved these nine milestones within a very short period—just one day after their debut.

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One netizen on the BABYMONSTER fanbase Instagram account, named, provided information about the group’s achievements. Here are BABYMONSTER’s accomplishments within 24 hours:

1. MV debut with the highest viewership in the first 24 hours, with likes and views balanced.
2. Most liked Kpop group (1.3 million likes) in the first 24 hours of 2023.
3. Kpop group with the highest viewership in the first 24 hours of 2023.
4. Trending at #1 on YouTube worldwide and in 55 countries.
5. Trending at #1 worldwide on Twitter with 360k+ hashtags.

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6. Trending at #5 on iTunes worldwide and in 42 countries.
7. Trending at #1 on YouTube in South Korea.
8. 5th generation Kpop group trending at #1 on iTunes in 20 countries.
9. The first and only 5th generation girl group to break into the iTunes US top 300.

With these numerous and swift achievements, BABYMONSTER fans are undoubtedly feeling joyous. It’s not unlikely that BABYMONSTER will continue to achieve more in the future with their song “Batter Up.”

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