One of the BLACKPINK rappers, Lisa, successfully captured the attention of her fans after achieving a milestone through her Instagram account.

The achievement by BLACKPINK’s Lisa is related to the remarkably high number of followers on her “Money” singer Instagram account.

Lisa BLACKPINK’s extraordinary achievement allowed her to accomplish three milestones simultaneously.

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Lisa BLACKPINK’s Instagram account, @lalalalisa_m, garnered a massive following of 99 million followers on Monday, November 27.

This achievement caused the topic “Congratulations LISA” to trend on Twitter, accumulating 12 thousand tweets.

Through this trend, BLACKPINK fans enthusiastically congratulated the rapper for making new history among Kpop artists.

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A Twitter account named @LaliceUpdates noted that with this achievement, Lisa BLACKPINK successfully secured three accolades.

These three achievements span different realms: among Kpop artists, among Thai artists, and in Asia.

Lisa BLACKPINK has 99 million followers on Instagram. (Twitter @LaliceUpdates)

Here are the three accomplishments of Lisa BLACKPINK after reaching 99 million followers on her Instagram account:

1. Lisa BLACKPINK becomes the first Kpop artist to amass 99 million followers on Instagram.

2. Lisa BLACKPINK is the artist with the highest number of Instagram followers among other Thai artists.

3. Lisa BLACKPINK is the third Asian artist to reach 99 million followers.

Therefore, Lisa’s achievements deserve recognition from the loyal BLACKPINK fans, also known as BLINK.

Here are some Twitter comments regarding the 99 million followers on Lisa BLACKPINK’s Instagram account:

“100 million soon.”

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“Congratulations, my dear.”

“So cool.”

“She’ll reach 100 million sooner or later. LALISA.”

“Another achievement under her name!!!”

“Oh my goodness?? Very inspired, I’m so lucky to stan a truly amazing group!!!! We love Blink even though my contribution is just support.”

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