BABYMONSTER has officially debuted and entered the world of K-Pop music since November 26, 2023.

This new girl group was formed and born under one of the big 4 entertainment agencies, YG Entertainment.

The team initially consisted of seven members: Ahyeon, Rami, Asa, Ruka, Rora, Pharita, and Chiquita, but eventually, they debuted with only six members.

While Ahyeon did not participate, according to YG Entertainment, Ahyeon is still a part of BABYMONSTER; she just couldn’t debut due to health conditions.

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Rumors suggest that Ahyeon is likely to return with her team in BABYMONSTER’s upcoming comeback.

However, this cannot be confirmed officially yet, considering that Ahyeon was recently reported to have visited Cube Entertainment. It’s not known for sure whether Ahyeon did visit or what the purpose of the visit was.

Some speculate that Ahyeon might be changing management, similar to what Miyeon of (G)I-DLE did in the past. Moreover, the rumors about Ahyeon’s visit to Cube Entertainment coincide closely with BABYMONSTER’s debut.

Could this be a sign that Ahyeon has decided on something new in her life, or is it just a routine visit? What are your thoughts on this news?

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER’s MV “BATTER UP” has achieved numerous impressive milestones and records since its release.

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Asa and her friends successfully captivated the audience with their debut digital single, showcasing the remarkable influence of BABYMONSTER.

According to media reports on Twitter @koreansales_twt, the music video for “BATTER UP” by BABYMONSTER received 22.5 million views and 1.3 million likes on YouTube within the first 24 hours.

BABYMONSTER Achieves Outstanding Milestones (Screenshot from Twitter @koreansales_twt)

Thanks to this, BABYMONSTER’s music video has become the most-viewed debut K-pop group MV within the first 24 hours, surpassing the record held by SM Entertainment’s aespa for three years with “Black Mamba.”

Despite this achievement, it seems that the debut song of this rookie girl group did not receive as much appreciation as expected based on its view count.

An OP in the Facebook group @K 0 C 4 /N Vedryck shared their opinion about BABYMONSTER’s debut MV, considering it ordinary.

“The intro to the middle part is quite flat, the good part is only in the last part, and the rap is the typical monotony of YG Entertainment. The instrumentals sound like Cardi B’s ‘WAP,’ especially in the intro. There’s a bit of a feeling like Lisa BLACKPINK’s ‘Lalisa’ and ‘Money.’

The MV is mostly recycled from their seniors. Their vocals are okay, but Chiquita’s vocals are a bit weird at the beginning. For this song, they can’t match the quality of IVE and NewJeans! Overall, I give it a score of 6.5/10,” wrote the OP.

Review by an OP on BABYMONSTER’s Debut MV (Screenshot from Facebook @N Vedryck)

They also emphasized that BABYMONSTER currently cannot compete with IVE and NewJeans, especially in terms of quality.

Netizens who saw this OP’s review immediately provided diverse comments.

“I totally agree, everything looks the same as their seniors’ work. Is this YG’s concept of recycling artists?”

“I think the song is decent, and it’s not too boring, but why do you rate it so low?”

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“Even their chart performance in Korea is not good!”

“Not bad, but NewJeans and IVE’s songs are much more classy.”

“BLACKPINK was also underrated at first, but look at them now, their songs are always a major hit.”

“I don’t understand BABYMONSTER’s concept, what’s wrong with YG? Why can’t they make it more interesting?”

“Their rap part is the core; the rest is just like passing wind.”

“Even though their debut was highly anticipated, YG gave them something bad!”

“This is indeed a result of recycling their seniors’ songs, but it sounds strange!”

“If Ahyeon were there, the song might be better,” and many more comments.

What are your thoughts?

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