Ahead of their debut, the new group under YG Entertainment, BABYMONSTER, has released a poster for their song “BATTER UP.”

YG Entertainment officially released the debut song poster for BABYMONSTER, “BATTER UP,” last Saturday, November 25th, on their official website.

After its release, the visuals of BABYMONSTER’s members, who will be the next girl group under YG after BLACKPINK, were immediately highlighted by South Korean media.

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In the absence of Ahyeon, the six BABYMONSTER members wore coordinated red and black outfits in the latest “BATTER UP” poster.

Asa and Pharita are two BABYMONSTER members who will debut with natural black hair, while the rest of the members boldly showcase their respective hair colors.

The maknae (youngest member) Chiquita of BABYMONSTER seems to be the most eye-catching with bright brown hair.

Then there’s Haram, now going by the stage name Rami, appearing with blonde hair, followed by Ruka and Rora with dark red hues in their hair.

Poster D-2 ‘BETTER UP’ by BABYMONSTER highlighted by Korean media. (Twitter @YGBABYMONSTER_)

The intense red and black-themed outfits make BABYMONSTER radiate synergy among the members, with accessories that highlight each individual.

YG’s prepared concept for BABYMONSTER’s debut seems to continue to be highlighted by the media.

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Debuting under YG and set to be the successor to the globally renowned BLACKPINK, BABYMONSTER invites hopes of becoming a group that can break into the K-pop market in many countries.

With the release of the new “BATTER UP” poster, the visual appeal of YG’s youngest group, BABYMONSTER, is said to be different.

The confident expressions and poses of BABYMONSTER, combined with a sporty logo in the “BATTER UP” poster, are said to give a confident impression to the members.

The visual aura of Rami, Asa, Chiquita, Rora, Pharita, and Ruka of BABYMONSTER is also said to exude bold charm and showcase the charisma of The Next Monster Rookie.

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“YG’s new BABYMONSTER ‘BATTER UP’ poster, perfect visual compatibility,” writes Newsen in an article released today, Sunday, November 25.

The charismatic portraits of the BABYMONSTER members in various YG content are said to invite predictions that the group will follow BLACKPINK in shaking up the K-pop market on an extraordinary scale.

With tremendous enthusiasm, the hip-hop music genre of BABYMONSTER’s “BATTER UP” is expected to make their name even hotter than it is now.

According to Newsen, the music video (MV) for “BATTER UP,” which will be unveiled, will provide an addictive melody with a heavy beat and is predicted to receive a positive response from music fans.

YG’s next flagship group, BABYMONSTER, will debut by releasing the digital single “BATTER UP” on Monday, November 27, 2023, at 12:00 KST.

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