Giselle, Karina, Winter, and Ningning from aespa appeared as guests on the show Knowing Brother.

Giselle and other aespa members appeared as guests on the 410th episode of Knowing Brother, which aired on November 25.

Their appearance on Knowing Brother was to promote their comeback song titled “Drama.”

In addition to promoting their song, aespa also played a series of games and had conversations with the members of Knowing Brother.

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One of the discussions between the Knowing Brother members and aespa was about the rumors surrounding Giselle’s wealth status.

“Are you the granddaughter of a tycoon?” Knowing Brother members asked Giselle.

There have been rumors circulating that Giselle from aespa is the granddaughter of a tycoon and falls into the category of “Golden Spoon.”

“That’s not true,” Giselle clarified in response to the Knowing Brother members’ question about her status as a tycoon’s granddaughter.

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Online rumors suggest that Giselle from aespa is the granddaughter of a tycoon who owns 60 golf courses, hotels, and resorts in Japan.

aespa as Guests on Episode 410 of Knowing Brother (Naver News)

“My family is well-off, but that doesn’t mean we have 60 golf courses, hotels, or resorts. Lee Soo Geun jokingly said, “You might have them. Your parents might not have told you about it.”

There were even rumors claiming that Giselle from aespa ranks among the top three families with a “Golden Spoon” status in Japan.

However, on Knowing Brother, Giselle from aespa denied and explained that the rumors are not true.

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Giselle is indeed a K-pop idol from Japan. Her father is a Japanese citizen, while her mother is Korean.

Regarding aespa’s comeback song “Drama,” Giselle, Winter, Karina, and Ningning showcased their acting skills in the music video.

When asked about the possibility of trying acting in a drama, Giselle answered, “I want to play a dark role in the noir genre.”

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