An OP stated that the beauty standards of Koreans have changed over time.

Through a post on the Pann site, the OP mentioned that when it comes to female idols, the general public always used to favor those with a natural appearance.

The OP said that previously, artists considered beautiful and natural by the Korean public were actresses like Suzy, Irene from Red Velvet, and Jisoo from BLACKPINK. However, this changed with the 4th generation. In the post, the OP also stated that nowadays, most people prefer Karina from aespa.

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The OP wrote, “I’m not saying that Karina isn’t beautiful, but it’s interesting considering how the general public used to like idols like Suzy, Irene, and Jisoo.”

KNetz flooded the comments section of the OP’s post.

They said that nowadays, no one debuts with a natural face like Suzy, Irene, and Jisoo.

If there were children like them, KNetz believed that those children would surely be liked by the Korean public. KNetz also mentioned that times have changed, and the trends in society have also shifted.

They also brought up Jang Wonyoung from IVE and compared her to Karina from aespa.

OP post on Pann and various reactions from KNetz (Pann Nate)

Here are various reactions and comments from KNetz on the OP’s post:

“It’s because faces like Suzy, Irene, and Jisoo are no longer debuting. If there were kids like that, they would quickly rise to the top.”

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“Rather than ‘changing,’ it’s more like they don’t debut kids like that anymore. Currently, it feels like the generation of makeup and style.”

“No, but how do you describe the three of them who have brighter makeup than Karina and look more beautiful?”

“Seriously, looking at Karina after the other three, people are praising her face too much.”

“It’s because faces also follow trends. That’s why you shouldn’t get surgery so easily.”

“Over time, I feel like Jang Wonyoung has become more outstanding. The only negative factor is her height.”

“In Korea, innocence and cuteness always come first.”

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“The beauty standards are updated every 2-3 years. Right now, it seems like physical appearance is viewed too strictly.”

“I think Jang Wonyoung is more beautiful than Karina. Jang Wonyoung is the top visual of the 4th generation.”

“In the past, there were many naturally beautiful women and mature beauties who had no artificial beauty at all, but now, they feel like artificially made beautiful women.”

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