Popular American TV show Good Morning America is facing criticism after inviting ENHYPEN.

The Good Morning America TV show is alleged to have mistreated ENHYPEN.

Fans of ENHYPEN have flocked to criticize the Good Morning America show.

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According to Koreaboo, ENHYPEN recently made a comeback with the release of the song “Sweet Venom.”

Due to their comeback, ENHYPEN engaged in various promotions on various shows, including Good Morning America.

The presence of ENHYPEN on the most popular TV show in the United States made fans happy.

ENHYPEN on the TV show Good Morning America

ENHYPEN’s appearance on Good Morning America was greeted with high enthusiasm from fans.

However, ENHYPEN’s visit to Good Morning America did not meet fans’ expectations.

Several moments during the broadcast angered fans about how they were treated by Good Morning America.

Before performing “Sweet Venom,” ENHYPEN had an interview with Juju Chang and Sam Champion.

When Juju Chang introduced the boy group, instead of saying ENHYPEN, she said ‘IPEN.’

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During the group interview, ENHYPEN was asked about their US tour and the “Baby Shark” movie, but when Jay and Jake answered, Jay’s microphone didn’t work.

At one point, Korean-American host Juju Chang mistakenly called ENHYPEN ‘ENPEN.’

Not only that, but the camera work during ENHYPEN’s performance of “Sweet Venom” on Good Morning America was also poorly done.

Even during ENHYPEN’s performance of “Sweet Venom,” Good Morning America mistakenly mentioned the song “Blood Orange.”

Although ENHYPEN performed perfectly and professionally, the Good Morning America show continued to receive complaints from fans.

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Fans say that Good Morning America lacked research and showed disrespectful treatment towards ENHYPEN.

Fans also claim that the Good Morning America hosts made racist remarks about Jay and Jake regarding their English.

Fans expressed their disappointment with how ENHYPEN’s debut was handled on the popular TV show Good Morning America.

Fans continue to criticize Good Morning America through their social media.

What are your thoughts?

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