Song Kang became a topic of discussion on Pann Nate after his performance in the latest drama, “My Demon,” eliciting various reactions from KNetz.

Song Kang’s acting in “My Demon” was discussed on Pann Nate by an original poster (OP) who sparked diverse comments from KNetz.

The review of Song Kang’s acting in “My Demon” dragged in his visuals, as well as his co-star Kim Yoo Jung, and unveiled the audience’s interest in the SBS drama.

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As reported on Pann Nate on November 26 with the topic title “Am I the Only One Who Finds the Drama Featuring Song Kang Interesting?”

“No, I didn’t watch it, but stopped midway because it lacked enough anti-witch power. I held on after seeing Song Kang’s face, but I couldn’t watch it anymore,” quoted the OP on Pann Nate.

The topic mentioned that dramas featuring Song Kang are always captivating due to his charming visuals.

However, KNetz had a contrasting opinion; Song Kang’s acting in “My Demon” was deemed to be declining, even dragging down his co-star Kim Yoo Jung.

The OP assessed that Song Kang is always intriguing when appearing in dramas but has shortcomings that make viewers feel like stopping midway.

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Even KNetz compared Kim Yoo Jung’s acting, who is the main partner of Song Kang in the drama “My Demon.”

“I don’t know if Song Kang was originally bad at acting and Kim Yoo Jung isn’t good at acting?”

“Why is there no improvement in his acting?”

“To be honest, I know, but I haven’t even watched the first episode.”

“I don’t mean to belittle you, but I know your acting is subpar.”

“I must say, his voice is scary, his visuals are okay, but his vocalization is just ordinary.”

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“But Song Kang always shows things like that, similar to a handsome prince, first love, young man, and so on. Except for works that require a little acting ability.”

“The viewer ratings are dropping; his acting is really bad.”

Song Kang’s speaking tone is the same. I don’t know why he’s popular; maybe he underwent plastic surgery on his face, but even that feels unfamiliar on the drama screen.”

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