In the next two days, BABYMONSTER, the new girl group from YG Entertainment, is set to make their debut. Scheduled for debut on November 27, BABYMONSTER has garnered public enthusiasm for their upcoming performance.

However, unfortunately, YG Entertainment has chosen not to follow the debut tradition by not holding a showcase or even a press conference to celebrate the birth of BABYMONSTER.

According to 10 Asia, rather than showcasing the abilities of their new group, YG is believed to be more focused on creating perfection, both in terms of music and MV.

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The possibility of continuous revisions leading up to the debut, which carries many risks, has led YG to decide not to hold a debut showcase to welcome this ‘sibling’ of BLACKPINK.

Additionally, according to YG, not exposing members who may not yet be fully adept at responding to the media will create a more perfect image to be presented to the public.

The absence of a showcase or even a press conference has raised concerns among the public about the lack of promotional activities for BABYMONSTER’s debut.

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BABYMONSTER, which has introduced all its members to the public through various social media content since early January, has successfully garnered high attention from the public. Being the third girl group formed by YG after 2NE1 and BLACKPINK, BABYMONSTER has to bear extraordinary expectations.

With the unparalleled success of BLACKPINK, YG seems increasingly ambitious to create a second version of BLACKPINK. In addition, the ongoing contract issues with all BLACKPINK members, which remain unresolved to date, force YG to push for the success of BABYMONSTER.

Not only that, the issue of losing one member of BABYMONSTER is also a significant blow to YG. Originally consisting of 7 members, BABYMONSTER had to exclude Ahyeon from their debut this time due to health issues. This is also suspected to be the reason why YG continues to delay BABYMONSTER’s debut and avoids the media due to internal issues.

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Nevertheless, BABYMONSTER will still proceed with their debut with 6 members and kick off their first performance by releasing the song “Batter Up.”

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