Similar to Suzy, who earned the title of “Nation’s First Love,” Kang Hye Won, former member of IZONE, seems to have also been labeled as such by the Korean media through the drama Boyhood.

Boyhood itself is Kang Hye Won’s new drama, alongside Im Si Wan.

Kang Hye Won, the former IZONE member, earned the nickname “Nation’s First Love” through the drama Boyhood.

Actress Kang Hye Woon showcased her influence as a female hero in the series Boyhood.

Boyhood is a story that takes place in South Chungcheong Province in 1989, featuring Byung Tae, who was once a loser.

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Byung Tae, known as the loser of Onyang, whose life goal was to avoid suffering, transforms into a hero overnight.

Gyung Tae is a legendary fighter who conquers the entire school with just one hand.

A tense love line is expected to emerge among them.

“In the story, Byeong Tae and Kyeong Tae are in conflict with each other, both in their approach and in how they attract people. So, you will be able to feel the pleasure that arises from the differences in the relationship between Sun Hwa and the two characters,” revealed Hye Won.

Meanwhile, the director of Boyhood, Lee Myung Woo, explained that he tried to portray it in a way that is not too straightforward.

“We tried hard to express it in a subtle way. While shooting, it seeped into the characters and emerged in the scenes as Sun Hwa herself,” explained Myung Woo.

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Myung Woo’s statement further increases the audience’s curiosity about Hyewon’s performance in the Coupang Play drama.

“Raising expectations for Kang Hyewon’s performance, who will rewrite the history of Nation’s First Love with her unique and pure charm,” reported Kpopchart from OSEN and 10asia.

Actress Kang Hye Won plays the role of Kang Seon Hwa, known as the flower of Buyeo Yeosang because of her extraordinary beauty.

In Boyhood, which will be released on November 24, Kang Seon Hwa (Kang Hye Won) first meets Im Si Wan.

Im Si Wan plays Jang Byung Tae, a loser from Onyang who associates with a group of iljin or bullies in the store.

Kang Seon Hwa displays her beauty and captivating aura in line with her nickname, “Shophie Marceau of Buyeo Yeosang.”

Jang Byung Tae sees Kang Seon Hwa in trouble and saves her when she is fighting with someone who seems to be her boyfriend.

After that, they go to a bakery, and Kang Seon Hwa compliments Jang Byung Tae for being friendly.

She says, “How can you be so kind?”

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Moreover, in the second episode of Boyhood, a new story is announced when Lee Si Woo, who plays Asan Baek Ho Jung Gyung Tae, wakes up.

The drama Boyhood is released every Friday at 8 p.m. on Coupang Play.

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