The latest drama starring Song Kang, titled “My Demon,” is said to bring new elements and perspectives by netizens.

Netizens have shared many comments related to the drama “My Demon” after the airing of its first episode.

“My Demon” has also prompted many netizens to comment that this is the drama they have been looking for.

On November 24, “My Demon” premiered its first episode on Netflix.

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Starring Song Kang and his co-star Kim Yoo Jung.

Song Kang plays the role of Jeong Gu Won, while Kim Yoo Jung portrays Do Do Hee.

Both characters find themselves bound by an unexpected contractual marriage.

Jeong Gu Won, a demon who is around 200 years old, suddenly loses his powers and is forced to enter into a contractual marriage with Do Do Hee.

Meanwhile, Do Do Hee is a CEO who is passionate about her work.

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This makes Do Do Hee distrustful of anyone and she has a cold and stubborn nature.

One thing that has caught the interest of netizens is that both characters come from wealthy backgrounds, breaking the usual pattern in Korean dramas that often portray economic disparities between couples, such as one being rich and the other poor.

Netizens have mentioned that finally, there is a Korean drama that showcases economic equality between its characters.

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