Jennie BLACKPINK has become a topic of discussion among netizens after her appearance on the red carpet at the Love Your W event.

Jennie BLACKPINK’s walking style at the Love Your W event has sparked a lot of discussion among netizens.

Some netizens have criticized Jennie BLACKPINK for her walking style at Love Your W.

On Friday, November 24, W Korea held the Love Your W event.

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The event was attended by many famous artists and idols from South Korea.

One of them was Jennie BLACKPINK, who attended the event.

All the celebrities present at Love Your W walked the red carpet and posed in front of the media.

Jennie looked beautiful and graceful in a cream-colored dress.

The “SOLO” singer walked on the red carpet slowly due to wearing high heels.

She also walked with a shy expression, covering her face with her hand.

Jennie walks on the red carpet (Twitter @PopBase)

This caught the attention of many netizens after the video was uploaded by @PopBase.

Many netizens wondered why Jennie was walking so slowly.

Some defended Jennie, saying that it was understandable given her attire.

Here are some netizen comments:

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“Why is she acting like a bride seeing the groom for the first time.”

“Attention seeker and pick me.”

“So walking is considered pick me now? You all are really pathetic.”

“Damn, she doesn’t know how to be professional.”

“She’s just walking, really.”

“Why is she walking like that?”

“She walks like a normal person in high heels.”

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“I can’t believe people in the comments are real… do you really have time for this? I just don’t understand.”

“She acts shy as if she is the main character.”

“What’s happening, hahaha, she’s just walking,” and various other comments.

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