Finally, the highly anticipated drama “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” that is eagerly awaited by K-drama lovers premiered last night.

On November 24th, the first episode of “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” officially aired on MBC and VIU at 9:50 PM KST.

In the first episode of “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract,” the performances of the two main actors, Lee Se Young and Bae In Hyuk, received much praise from netizens.

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Lee Se Young, playing the role of Park Yeon Woo, is a woman who undergoes time travel from the 19th century Joseon era to the year 2023. Subsequently, Park Yeon Woo enters into a contract marriage with Kang Tae Ha, played by Baek In Hyuk.

After the airing of the first episode, which delves into their past, many KNetz expressed positive responses to “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract.” Here are some comments from Theqoo:

“Great acting, interesting story, fast-paced, hahaha, the direction is really crazy.”

“Oh, I enjoyed the webtoon so much. I need to watch the drama too.”

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“Exceeded my expectations haha, even the scenes that seem clear are enjoyable because their acting brings it to life haha.”

“Oh, it’s exciting? Where can I watch it? That’s fun. Lee Se Young is so pretty.”

“Ah, the first clip is funny hahaha.”

“So much fun, I have to watch episode 2.”

“Very enjoyable, the story develops so quickly, too bad Joseon moved on too fast huhu.”

“Exciting…! Initially, it was just okay, but it got better in the second half.”

“I like the acting of the female lead and her delivery of the dialogues is good~~.”

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“I started watching it immediately and saw everything hahahahaha I’m enjoying it.”

“I like both actors, I need to watch the drama haha.”

“It was boring in the early and middle stages, but since Lee Se Young’s positive tone formed, I became more focused.”

“I like Lee Se Young’s acting, so focused,” and various other comments.

“The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” will air every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 PM KST. To watch with Indonesian subtitles, you can use the VIU or Viki apps.

Look forward to the airing of the second episode of “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract,” scheduled for November 25 at the same time.

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