It is known that Bang Yedam and Mashiho decided to leave TREASURE.

Bang Yedam himself left the TREASURE group and the agency that had nurtured him, YG, a year ago.

It is known that former TREASURE member Bang Yedam, besides having a beautiful voice, is also capable of creating songs directly, as seen on The Seasons guided by the MC.

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Bang Yedam revealed, “I want to create music more freely and create my own achievements and works.”

This was disclosed by Bang Yedam, who left TREASURE and is now at the starting point as a soloist.

On November 23, Bang Yedam released his first solo album, “Only One,” a year after leaving TREASURE when the contract with his former agency, YG Entertainment, ended last November.

The reason he left the team is because he was concerned about his music and the direction of his future as an artist.

Bang Yedam has the desire and greed to collaborate with his creations.

He said, “I am thirsty and greedy. I can’t say that it’s 100 percent resolved, but many are satisfied with producing outstanding results.

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It doesn’t mean that group activities are not good for me; they are fun, and I learned a lot. It made me who I am now.

There are aspects of myself that fit with how I pursue and imagine the future, but there are also aspects that are disappointing.

So naturally, I became a little greedy, little by little. It’s a shame that not everyone can participate 100 percent, reported by Kpopchart from Naver.

I want to show more of my colors and also want to engage in musical activities more often.”

Bang Yedam debuted in June 2020 after appearing on KPop Star 2 and joining YG Entertainment, working as a trainee for a long time.

When asked if there were difficult times, Bang Yedam laughed heartily and said, “It was when I fell ill in the second year of high school.

It wasn’t too difficult because I endured it in the practice room. In social life, I think I had fun without knowing where I would end up.

As my trainee period increased, people around me became impatient and frustrated, but because I was still very young, I thought I would debut when I was older and ready. So, I wasn’t frustrated with waiting.”

When asked if 10 years later he is getting closer to his dream, Bang Yedam said, “I think I’m getting closer little by little, I also dream big.

I have more skills and art than before; I can do it with the mindset I had back then.

I think I can do it well if I leave or exit TREASURE.”

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The title song “Just Do One” was produced by Bang Yedam himself, singing about the heart of a man who cannot understand the feelings of his loved one.

The reason why the title of the song was chosen as “Just Do One” is because no matter who plays it for anyone, they can easily sing along.

“I wanted to do it; I prepared it very carefully. I think it’s a song that can show a lot of things in 3 minutes.”

Bang Yedam said, “This is a song I wrote 2-3 years ago; I started writing songs when I was 17, and the first two songs I wrote had poor quality, so they should not have been released; those two songs were written in the third year.

It feels fresh now because it contains the emotions, thoughts, and expressions of that time, but it feels embarrassing.

This album consists of love songs, a theme that many people can understand.”

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