Recently, BLACKPINK was invited as guests to King Charles III at Buckingham Palace in London. During the meeting, BLACKPINK engaged in conversations and attended a dinner at the palace.

Aside from highlighting the grandeur of the event, netizens also focused on Lisa’s expressions during the dinner. A video featuring Lisa and Jisoo at the palace dinner caught the attention of netizens.

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In the video, Lisa and Jisoo are seen perusing the menu and occasionally asking the staff questions. The eldest member of BLACKPINK, Jisoo, is described as radiating joy while maintaining grace.

The expression during dinner at Buckingham Insta (Twitter @LaliceUpdates).

In contrast, the youngest member, Lisa, sparked controversy due to her seemingly emotionless expressions. According to Kbizoom, a Chinese media outlet, Sohu, highlighted the difference in Lisa and Jisoo’s expressions.

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Sohu pointed out that Lisa appeared somewhat bored, but they refrained from drawing conclusions solely from the short video circulating. They emphasized that the clip might not provide a complete picture of the situation.

The Chinese media outlet sought videos taken from different angles to show Lisa and Jisoo’s conditions. Sohu’s article successfully obtained and presented a video from a different camera angle.

The cheerful expression of Lisa at Buckingham Insta (Twitter @lisashots).

In this video, Lisa expressions appear cheerful and relaxed, and it’s evident that they are conversing with other guests at the dinner. This raised questions and criticisms from netizens regarding Lisa. However, it’s important to note that scrutinizing subtle expressions may not be necessary.

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