Yoo Yeon Seok reminisces about his movie with Suzy in “Architecture 101.”

“Architecture 101” is an older film featuring Yoo Yeon Seok’s, Bae Suzy, Lee Je Hoon, and Han Ga In, where Yoo Yeon Seok played a supporting role.

Actor Yoo Yeon Seok’s appeared on You Quiz on the Block and shared everything about the film “Architecture 101” with Suzy.

Yoo Yeon Seok di You Quiz on the Block (Naver)

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During You Quiz on the Block, Yoo Yeon Seok expressed his dislike for his role in “Architecture 101.”

Aired on November 22, Yoo Yeon Seok was close to Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho at the time and shared many things.

He said, “I was very nervous because You Quiz on the Block seemed like a program featuring famous people. I felt like I should say something touching, but it’s better if I cry,” revealing his feelings.

Yoo Yeon Seok’s played the role of the antagonist Yoo Ji Tae in Park Chan Wook’s film “Old Boy.”

After that, Yoo Yeon Seok revealed that he played various small and supporting roles. He even played a senior to Suzy, threatening her love story with Lee Je Hoon in “Architecture 101.”

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“The person who harassed Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young in ‘A Werewolf Boy’ is truly a villain,” reported from Naver.

Yoo Yeon Seok recalled that in that scene, he received hate, saying, “You know, Jae Wook wasn’t actually portrayed as a bad person. However, without a doubt, he was the most hated character among male viewers.

But the worst part is that I brought Suzy home in ‘Architecture 101,’ I wasn’t even a villain, but they just said I was evil because of Suzy.”

Yoo Yeon Seok was surprised and said, “But I clearly acted by taking Suzy home. However, Lee Je Hoo watched from behind and ruined everything; he recorded Suzy crying, so I ended up being the bad guy.”

Yoo Yeon Seok’s then shared his one-sided experience in the real world, “During my first year in university, I had feelings for a sophomore girl. I harbored unrequited love for about a year.”

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Yoo Yeon Seok’s recounted that he went out with the girl and returned using an express bus.

“When I sat next to her, I realized that we could never be together. Even on that day when we spent time together, it was clear that she had no romantic feelings for me.”

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