Recently, the name Seunghan RIIZE has become a topic of discussion among netizens after being involved in a scandal that has tarnished his image.

The scandal involving Seunghan RIIZE started shortly after a live broadcast recording on his private Instagram account with Soobin TXT circulated on social media.

In the live broadcast, Seunghan RIIZE was misunderstood to have disparaged Eunchae LE SSERAFIM. Soobin TXT was even seen giving a middle finger with his foot to Seunghan RIIZE.

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This naturally disappointed netizens, especially considering the contrasting behavior of Soobin TXT, who had debuted earlier.

Unfortunately, this Seunghan RIIZE scandal has also implicated many other idols from HYBE Labels.

Disappointed with Soobin TXT’s perceived behavior, netizens began digging into the idols’ past controversies. They discovered that Soobin TXT had watched and discussed the controversial anime “Made Of Abyss,” which contains elements of torture and pedophilia.

In addition to Soobin, netizens also found that Woozi SEVENTEEN and Sakura LE SSERAFIM had also watched the same anime.

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The scandal did not stop there; it also dragged the name of Youngseo I’LL-IT, a new member of the HYBE group who had not even debuted yet, after Seunghan RIIZE was caught uploading his photo to Instagram.

To make matters worse, the individual attacking and spreading the Seunghan RIIZE scandal claimed to reveal shocking facts about Taesan BOYNEXTDOOR.

Until now, the Seunghan RIIZE scandal has implicated several names from the 5 HYBE groups, including Soobin TXT, Eunchae, and Sakura LE SSERAFIM, Woozi SEVENTEEN, Youngseo I’LL-IT, and Taesan BOYNEXTDOOR.

This has led Seunghan to be dubbed the “HYBE Killer” by Knetz. Many Knetz gave their responses after learning about the scandal involving Seunghan, which implicated numerous HYBE idols.

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“I conclude that Seunghan is an member intentionally brought by SM to harm HYBE.”

“But Woozi and Soobin got into controversy because of their own actions.”

“I just think that Woozi and Soobin have always been like that.”

“HYBE killer, how funny haha.”

“Minji, Taesan, Youngseo, and Eunchae must be very frustrated. They didn’t do anything wrong. I understand that not everyone hates them, but they must be upset because their names are involved in this scandal.”

“It’s excessive ego; the one who suffers the most is the RIIZE members themselves, who can’t even gain new fans because he’s blocking the way. The atmosphere in the BRIIZE fandom used to be good, but now they’re divided, fighting internally with international fans, and criticized externally by other fans.”

Meanwhile, SM has released an official statement that Seunghan will be on hiatus for an indefinite period.

What do you think about this?

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