Beautiful actresses Park Bo Young and Lee Yoo Mi play the lead roles in two dramas written by Baek Mi Kyeong.

Park Bo Young is the female lead in the drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” while Lee Yoo Mi is the main character in the drama “Strong Girl Nam Soon.”

Both dramas tell the story of Park Bo Young and Lee Yoo Mi, who come from a lineage of women with superpowers.

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According to Naver News, the JTBC dramas “Strong Woman/Strong Girl” are reportedly in the planning stages for the production of Season 3.

Previously, there were questions about whether the story in Season 3 would bring together the characters played by Park Bo Young and Lee Yoo Mi from the previous seasons.

The answer is that Season 3 is likely to introduce a new storyline still related to the lineage of women with superpowers from Seasons 1 and 2. So, the story for Season 3 will feature new characters, and there may be special appearances from actors in the previous seasons.

In Season 1, Park Bo Young played the character Do Bong Soon in the drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” which was released in 2017. JTBC then released a sequel in Season 2 titled “Strong Girl Nam Soon” in 2023, with Lee Yoo Mi as the lead character, a strong woman named Gang Nam Soon.

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The stories of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” and “Strong Girl Nam Soon” have always received positive responses from viewers.

Even though “Strong Girl Nam Soon” is still airing and has not concluded, the production team is already planning to continue to Season 3. This demonstrates the quality and popularity of the drama, as well as the performances of Park Bo Young and Lee Yoo Mi in the lead roles.

Based on comments, netizens have mentioned several actresses like Kim Hye Yoon, Kim Se Jeong, Roh Yeong Soo, Park Ji Hu as suitable for portraying characters in Season 3.

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Some netizens also hope that the main focus of Season 3’s story will be on the descendants of the couple Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) and An Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik), the main characters from Season 1.

As of the release of this article, the JTBC drama “Strong Girl Nam Soon,” starring Lee Yoo Mi, has aired up to 14 episodes. Only the last two episodes remain until the finale, scheduled to be released on JTBC and Netflix on November 25 and 26, 2023, at 22:30 KST.

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