On this day, November 20, 2023, all members of BLACKPINK are reported to have extended their contract as a group with YG Entertainment.

According to the Korean media Munhwa, all BLACKPINK members have chosen and agreed to sustain their group activities.

Two of the BLACKPINK members are also reported to have signed the extension contract for group activities.

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However, while the group contract continues, individual contracts for each BLACKPINK member have not been confirmed yet.

In the future, the members plan to engage in their individual activities and will only gather as BLACKPINK when there is a schedule for group activities.

Reportedly, YG will release an official statement regarding the group and individual contract matters after all members, including Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa, complete signing the contract extension.

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There were previous rumors suggesting that all BLACKPINK members except Rose had decided to terminate their contracts with YG Entertainment.

Lisa was even rumored to have rejected YG’s contract extension offers twice, with a value in the billions of Won.

Meanwhile, Jisoo and Jennie were also reported to be considering establishing their own agency.

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BLACKPINK has shown exceptional popularity on the international stage. It’s no wonder that the issue of BLACKPINK’s contract extension has become a global public concern.

Upon hearing this news, fans surely cannot contain their joy after learning that BLACKPINK will continue with all four members in the future.

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