‘sDaesung, one of the members of BIGBANG, was once embroiled in controversy.

Several controversies surrounding Daesung of BIGBANG have certainly caused a stir in the entertainment world.

The controversies continued to be discussed until all accusations against Daesung of BIGBANG were eventually cleared.

Back in 2011, Daesung of BIGBANG was accused of being involved in an accident that resulted in a man’s death.

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According to Soompi, on May 31, 2011, around 01:30 KST, Daesung collided with a man (later referred to as Mr. A) who was lying on the road.

It was revealed that Mr. A had previously been in an accident, crashing into a streetlight.

It turned out that Mr. A, lying on the road, had an alcohol content of 0.186 percent in his blood.

Daesung’s, driving the car, hit Mr. A, causing Mr. A’s body to be dragged approximately 20 meters.

The car Daesung’s was driving finally stopped after hitting a taxi in front of it, and Mr. A was pronounced dead.

Initially, Daesung’s was accused as the cause of the motorist’s death.

However, in a jury trial on August 25, 2011, all committee members agreed to drop charges against Daesung of BIGBANG.

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“Based on the evidence we have, it is true that Daesung hit the victim due to negligence in driving. However, it is difficult to identify a direct relationship between Daesung’s driving negligence and the victim’s death. In this case, doubt must be given. So we decided to drop all charges against Daesung,” explained a prosecutor’s office official.

Until August 29, 2011, the prosecution officially dropped charges against Daesung of BIGBANG in the death of Mr. A.

The prosecution stated that there was no evidence that Mr. A was still alive when in contact with Daesung.

Additionally, there was a possibility that Mr. A died after his single-vehicle accident.

Moving forward to 2018, Channel A reported via The Korea Times that illegal activities were taking place in a building owned by Daesung of BIGBANG.

Illegal activities ranging from illegal prostitution to drug use were alleged to have occurred in Daesung’s property.

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In early December of the same year, Daesung stated that he had no knowledge of any illegal activities on his property.

Accusations of drug use and sales in Daesung’s building were also not proven.

This was revealed after the national forensic team analyzed hair samples sent by the police.

There was no evidence to support allegations of drug use and sales in Daesung’s building through forensic results.

Illegal prostitution that was previously attributed to Daesung turned out to be taking place in a hotel near Daesung’s BIGBANG building.

Now, Daesung of BIGBANG is slowly trying to return to the entertainment world in South Korea.

Considering his past active participation in variety shows, bringing laughter to the audience.

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