‘sRecently, an article about SM and Min Hee Jin has caught the attention of Knetz.

In the article, Min Hee Jin is described as an ‘arrogant person who wants to show off herself,’ overshadowing the influence of former SM CEO Lee Sung Soo.

As known, Min Hee Jin, now the CEO of ADOR overseeing NewJeans, has achieved tremendous success. Before becoming the CEO of ADOR, Min Hee Jin spent decades at SM, playing a significant role in creating captivating concepts for F(x), SHINee, Red Velvet, SNSD, EXO, and many other SM idols before deciding to leave in 2019.

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However, in the released article, Min Hee Jin is mentioned as the reason for overshadowing the name of Lee Sung Soo, who actually had a more significant impact on the success of SM idols.

Here is the narrative of the article, citing Min Hee Jin’s arrogance as a hindrance to Lee Sung Soo’s success:

“Many people in the music industry say, ‘If ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin, who is now at HYBE, was responsible for the visuals of SHINee and F(x) when they were still at SM, then Lee Sung Soo was the one who actually created their musical world at that time.'”

“This is a case where his achievements (Lee Sung Soo) are overshadowed by Min Hee Jin unique desire to show off herself.”

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Not only that, but Lee Sung Soo is also mentioned as someone who contributed significantly to the globalization of K-pop by establishing a songwriting camp that played a crucial role in expanding the understanding of K-pop among songwriters in America and Europe.

One representative even said, “Rather than thinking that he was promoted quickly because he is Lee Soo Man’s nephew, Lee Soo Man was blessed to have a nephew skilled in A&R.”

After reading the narrative of the article, many Knetz judged that SM, especially its former CEOs, seemed resentful of Min Hee Jin success outside of SM.

“It’s really cheap if he doubts a woman who is far more successful than him.”

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“He’s envious of Min Hee Jin’s and is trying to benchmark using NewJeans, so you know…”

“It’s truly relieving that Min Hee Jin’s moved to HYBE. She’s really showing her potential there and getting the recognition she deserves.”

“Seeing this, you surely know why Min Hee Jin’s left.”

Min Hee Jin’s can now earn 80 billion just from the third quarter with NewJeans, but SM only gets 1.3 billion even after all their forced viral tactics and wasting the entire company’s wealth. Lee Soo Man must be laughing at this,” and various other comments.

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