A user claims that Haerin NewJeans and Taesan BOYNEXTDOOR will become controversial figures along with Seunghan RIIZE.

The user asserts that Haerin NewJeans and Taesan BOYNEXTDOOR are said to have controversies related to Seunghan RIIZE.

The user even claims that if the controversies involving Haerin NewJeans and Taesan BOYNEXTDOOR with Seunghan RIIZE are exposed, it could ruin Generation 4.

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On Thursday, November 16, 2023, the public was shocked by a live stream featuring Seunghan and Soobin from TXT.

Only three people were watching the live stream, referred to by netizens as close friends of Seunghan.

During the live stream, Seunghan encountered problems and received criticism from netizens for allegedly insulting Soobin.

Seunghan was accused of insulting Soobin by stating that the TXT leader cannot sing, dance, or rap.

Meanwhile, the name Eunchae from LE SSERAFIM was also mentioned in the conversation between Seunghan and Soobin, causing further commotion among netizens.

Despite facing criticism, some netizens considered Seunghan’s words to Soobin as a joke.

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They even suggested that Seunghan and Soobin were so close that joking around was not awkward for them.

The person claiming that Haerin and Taesan would be involved in trouble with Seunghan is the same person who allegedly spread the live stream video featuring Seunghan and Soobin.

According to Allkpop, on the now-deleted Twitter account, the user mentioned that Haerin and Seunghan would be the next controversial targets.

The Twitter account tweeted, “There are three more shocking pieces of news haha,”

Continuing, “If SM does not take any action within a week, I will reveal everything.”

“As soon as this news comes out, the K-pop fandom will be ruined, especially the 4th generation group’s fandom,” the user stated.

“And it’s a shame that only the girl was let go even though they were both under the same label smh haha,” the user added.

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The user concluded the statement by writing, “Hong Seunghan spread his photos, but only the girl was let go~ Stay tuned.”

The post has also generated numerous comments from netizens.

Here are some netizen comments:

“I’m confused, who is the ‘let go’ girl? Are they saying the girl seen intimately in the hotel room is a trainee who was expelled after her photo was released?

And what does Haerin have to do with this? She has no connection to SM.”

“NewJeans is already popular; they have many fans, and BOYNEXTDOOR comes from the same company.

So netizens are using their old trick of spreading false rumors to kick Seunghan out of the group.”

“Blackmail? What do they expect from SM? I hope SM takes appropriate action, but it might not be the action they expect. Isn’t this defamation under South Korean law?”

“Seughan did nothing wrong, there’s no reason to expect that others did the same, and in any case, private conversations should remain private.”

“Whoever this person is, they’re clearly threatening and extorting… why hasn’t SM done anything? What’s causing them to act like this.”

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