Park Eun Bin finally learns Chae Jong Hyeop’s true identity in Castaway Diva, leading to her tears.

In the seventh episode of Castaway Diva, Park Eun Bin and Cha Jong Hyeop face many challenges.

Castaway Diva features performances by Park Eun Bin (Seo Mok Ha), Kim Hyo Jin (Yoon Ran Joo), Chae Jong Hyeop (Kang Bo Geol), and Cha Hak Yeon (Kang Woo Hak).

Previously, the drama revealed that Kang Bo Geol is their long-time friend Jung Ki Ho, as he informed Seo Mok Ha while searching for her in a restaurant.

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Even without realizing it, Seo Mok Ha often caught glimpses of Jung Ki Ho being Kang Bo Geol through his actions, such as buying her new shoes and putting them on when he first saved her.

Seo Mok Ha immediately recalled Jung Ki Ho, who had also given her shoes when she ran away from home without footwear in the past.

Seo Mok Ha once again sees Kang Bo Geol as Jung Ki Ho when he holds her hand to escape from Lee Sung Joon.

However, after harboring hatred towards Kang Bo Geol, Seo Mok Ha explicitly says some things. “Until now, I thought you might be Jung Ki Ho, but when I looked into your eyes, I was sure, the stiffness is definitely not Jung Ki Ho,” causing a rift.

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Even in the seventh episode of Castaway Diva, Seo Mok Ha learns that the beach cleaning volunteer is an event organized by Kang Bo Geol.

As Kang Bo Geol’s true identity as Jung Ki Ho is revealed, viewers are curious about Seo Mok Ha’s reaction. After learning everything about Kang Bo Geol being Jung Ki Ho, Seo Mok Ha initially appears not shocked and is angry, feeling deceived.

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Instead of distancing himself, Kang Bo Geol finally hugs Seo Mok Ha, and it seems like Mok Ha is comfortable being close to Kang Bo Geol.

Kang Bo Geol says, “Thank you for still being alive.” Kang Bo Geol’s words to Seo Mok Ha seem to evoke a highly emotional response among fans, as reported by Kpopchart from Soompi.

Kang Bo Geol and Seo Mok Ha (Twitter @kdrama_menfess).


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