Recently, there have been rumors circulating about a romantic relationship involving Wooyoung ATEEZ and Hyunjin LOONA.

The rumors started when a user on Twitter shared the private Instagram account of Wooyoung ATEEZ, where he was seen using pictures of Hyunjin LOONA’s pet cat.

However, it was discovered that the cat photos used by Wooyoung were never posted by Hyunjin, further fueling speculation about their special relationship.

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Hyunjin LOONA has a dedicated account created specifically for her gray cat named Paldo.

A Twitter post revealing private Instagram photos of Wooyoung from ATEEZ using Hyunjin from Loona’s cat photo (Twitter @toooyong)

Apart from the cat photos, Wooyoung and Hyunjin are also suspected to have private Instagram accounts with similar usernames. Wooyoung appears to use the word ‘abby,’ meaning father, and Hyunjin uses the word ‘mom’ for her username.

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The news of a potential relationship between Wooyoung ATEEZ and Hyunjin LOONA immediately caused a stir among netizens. Aside from the speculation about their special relationship, netizens also highlighted the increasing trend of private Instagram accounts of idols being exposed to the public recently.

Private Instagram accounts suspected to belong to Wooyoung from ATEEZ and Hyunjin from Loona with a couple username (Twitter @toooyong).

“There is no confirmation whatsoever (regarding the dating issue).”

“Once again, idols’ private Instagram accounts exposed? I’m really curious if revealing someone’s secret Instagram is the right thing to do nowadays.”

“Please stop doing things like this to idols.”

“But where is the evidence of their relationship? Do you trust anonymous accounts like that?”

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“Is today the day when idols’ private Instagrams are exposed?” and various other comments.

Meanwhile, netizens were recently also shocked by the live broadcast of Soobin from TXT and Seunghan from RIIZE on their private Instagram accounts, which sparked controversy as it dragged the name of Eunchae from LE SSERAFIM into the conversation.

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