Rose BLACKPINK showcased her activism by addressing important issues in front of the wives of APEC leaders.

The First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, hosted the event and praised the presence of Rose BLACKPINK.

Mrs. Biden expressed that Rose is a fearless superstar who shares her story.

Mrs. Kim addressed the situation in Korea with the following statement:

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“Korea is a competitive society, so we hope for collective awareness. I hope this country will improve through mental health programs.”

As reported by Naver and Reporter Jeong A Ran, Rose BLACKPINK shared her experience with mental difficulties.

She discussed mental health challenges alongside the spouses of the attending heads of state, working to overcome mental health issues.

This time, the wife of U.S. President Joe Biden hosted the mental health event for the partners of the leaders participating in the APEC Summit at the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Rose’s presence was expected to raise awareness of the seriousness of mental health issues.

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First Lady Jill Biden praised Rose, stating, “A global superstar who uses her status as a force for the good of the world.”

She said, “She has actively spoken out about her mental health struggles and courageously shared her story in the hope of helping others.”

She continued, “I thank Rose for accepting my invitation and joining us today, and I also thank Mrs. Kim Kun Hee for supporting my efforts.”

Rose admitted still feeling vulnerable when many people discuss her on social media and criticize her.

“I feel like some things I do are never good enough,” she said.

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“And no matter how hard I try, there will always be someone with their own opinion or happy to steer the narrative,” she added.

“Just as we eat for physical health and fitness, mental health can only be maintained with the same or even better attention than physical health.”

Rose’s journey has not been easy, and she still faces difficulties at certain times.

She emphasized the importance of self-appreciation, said spokesperson Lee Do Woon.

“Too often these issues are hidden, kept secret, or ignored, but only when we expose and talk about them honestly can we begin to heal,” said First Lady Jill Biden.

Mrs. Kim also stated, “Korea has a very conscientious characteristic toward each other in a competitive society.”

She added, “I hope issues caused by excessive competition can be addressed through various mental health programs.”

Mrs. Kim expressed her gratitude to Rose for sharing her experience.

“The global influence of K-pop and Korean culture, including BLACKPINK, is truly remarkable. I hope to continue inspiring people with music and positive messages,” she said.

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