The uncertainty surrounding the reasons why Ahyeon did not participate in BABYMONSTER’s debut has led to various speculations.

Ahyeon, who had generated high expectations with BABYMONSTER’s debut, faced disappointment among fans when the debut fell through.

YG Entertainment’s unclear stance on Ahyeon status with BABYMONSTER has also angered many netizens.

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Earlier, there was speculation that Ahyeon was no longer in harmony with YG Entertainment and had chosen to leave.

Rumors also suggested that Ahyeon had joined another agency and would debut next year.

YG Entertainment, remaining silent on these rumors, faced a new wave of speculation about what actually happened.

KBIZoom explained that a new rumor posted by an experienced makeup artist, who had connections in the industry, appeared on Twitter.

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The makeup artist revealed a story about a fourth-generation girl group member undergoing a nose operation that didn’t function well, causing a delay in the group’s debut as the company patiently awaited the member’s recovery.

Although the group wasn’t explicitly mentioned, considering the circumstances, it is likely referring to BABYMONSTER, which experienced a delay in their debut from initially scheduled in September to late November.

While rumors about Ahyeon’s alleged plastic surgery circulated, they gained credibility due to her noticeable absence from the public eye since July.

Speculations intensified when an eagle-eyed netizen noticed Ahyeon voice, laughter, and hair in a TikTok video post-July, indicating unsuccessful plastic surgery attempts.

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A leaked video in September showed Ahyeon strolling with fellow members, abruptly ending when the person behind the camera claimed to be kicked out by staff.

According to KBIZoom, similar anecdotes surfaced, narrating encounters with the same staff when approaching a group of girls, adding mystery to Ahyeon situation.

Additionally, there were stories from Hanlim students explaining that Ahyeon and other BABYMONSTER members took a break from studies around late July to early August, aligning with the timeline of Ahyeon’s speculated health issues.

As of now, there has been no official response from YG Entertainment regarding the rumors of Ahyeon’s plastic surgery.

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