Now, Jennie BLACKPINK’s funny actions have elicited reactions from several people around her.

She is seen damaging a prop at the shooting location for a project.

Jennie BLACKPINK is seen breaking a prop used during the shoot for the Tamburins brand.

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On November 17, a video titled “Tamburins Perfume Campaign Photoshoot Vlog” was released.

The video appears to have been posted on Jennie YouTube channel under the name Jennierubyjane Official.

According to KBI Zoom, the video shows the professionalism exhibited by Jennie during the shoot for her campaign with Tamburins.

In the video, Jennie says, “This is me before the transformation.”

“The current concept is a transformative girl.”

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“It’s been a long time since I met a treadmill,” she adds.

She also says, “I’m very happy to take pictures while reminiscing about childhood memories.”

Jennie BLACKPINK apologizes after damaging equipment (YouTube Jennierubyjane Official).

In the video, Jennie accidentally damages the prop while looking at it.

She apologizes as follows: “I apologize. What should I do? I admire it because it’s beautiful, and…”

Jennie immediately tries to fix the prop but fails, making everyone laugh.

Jennie, dressed in a pink-red gown and a ribboned robe, says the following.

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“I have transformed into Aronini. I tried putting on bangs and wearing a robe. I changed the concept of today’s photoshoot with this Magic Egg, so I think a short anime will be made.”

Jennie, striking a pose in her transformation, says, “This is the first time I’ve transformed,” which elicits laughter from the staff.

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