The MV “BORN TO BE” by ITZY was released on Sunday, December 17, 2023, at midnight, and once again faced accusations of plagiarism from aespa’s “Drama,” prompting reactions from netizens.

OP identified similarities in the “BORN TO BE” MV with aespa’s “Drama,” leading to accusations of plagiarism. However, some netizens defended ITZY against these claims.

While “BORN TO BE” by ITZY shares a similar atmosphere and genre with aespa’s “Drama,” netizens argued in defense against the plagiarism accusations.

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One Twitter user, @jisuxxx December 12, suggested that ITZY comeback MV lacked originality, appearing too similar to aespa’s “Drama” concept.

OP providing evidence of the similarities between ITZY’s ‘BORN TO BE’ MV and aespa’s ‘Drama’ (on Twitter).

“It seems like ITZY is paying homage to aespa in their BORN TO BE comeback MV; is originality extinct this quarter?” wrote the account.

This sparked reactions from netizens, with opinions divided, leading to discussions about the frequent occurrence of plagiarism within entertainment agencies. The accusations even extended to involve JYP and SM, dragging both agencies into allegations of MV plagiarism involving their respective groups.

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The accusations were not merely based on opinions; the OP attached a video comparison, highlighting similarities between “BORN TO BE” by ITZY and aespa’s “Drama,” including the opening and several parts of the songs.

Some netizens defended ITZY, stating that K-Pop fans might not be aware that certain agencies or companies share individuals working on projects. They argued that this could lead to similar concepts, with no claims of originality for one group over another. Netizens also discussed the promotional systems of each agency.

Here are some netizen comments:

“K-Pop fans refuse to realize that many of these companies have the same people working on projects and comebacks for each other.”

“The hate for ITZY is too forced; these poor girls haven’t done anything wrong except being criticized every day.”

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“This is a common aesthetic theme in ITZY MVs.”

“I know, I don’t see the plagiarism; there are just similar colors. In my opinion, people are going crazy without reason.”

Netizens defended ITZY, arguing that they only shared similar colors in their concept and MV music with aespa and that it was not plagiarism.



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