The dating rumors surrounding K-pop idols, including those from HYBE artists, never fail to pique the curiosity of fans, and news from Dispatch about idol relationships is eagerly anticipated.

Not long ago, rumors circulated about the dating of one HYBE idol, V of BTS, who was rumored to have a special relationship with Jennie of BLACKPINK. However, as of now, Dispatch has not yet released any news on this matter.

HYBE, unable to confirm the facts of such news due to the artists’ private lives, combined with Dispatch’s silence on the dating rumors, has led K-pop fans to believe that it might just be mere speculation.

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Now, it seems that Korean netizens are beginning to doubt the dating rumors involving HYBE idols that Dispatch has not uncovered.

Apart from daily news, Dispatch is also known for breaking news about dating among Korean artists, and this is the kind of news that K-pop fans eagerly anticipate regarding idol dating rumors.

On the morning of December 3, 2023, an OP opened a discussion topic on the Instiz site, stating that the fact that Dispatch has not reported on dating rumors involving HYBE idols is noteworthy.

The OP mentioned that it is amusing how K-pop fans pretend not to know the truth about the dating rumors. “But they claim that Hybe hasn’t been there for long, so how could they write dating articles? You have no shame,” said the OP.

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Ultimately, the question arises: could Dispatch have an agreement not to leak dating rumors involving HYBE idols?

Even though it has only been 2 hours since the topic was posted, it has already become a heated discussion among Korean netizens.

Various opinions are being thrown around about Dispatch not publishing news about dating rumors involving HYBE idols.

“Honestly, this is true…”

“The fact is, you hate Hybe idols, so you beg Dispatch to release dating rumors about them, but because they don’t, you’re the one getting upset.”

“But it’s true; people say that because of their close relationship with the management, Dispatch doesn’t publish dating articles about HYBE artists.”

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“But it’s true that BTS always attends events that Dispatch holds.”

“I don’t want to say this, but I can tell your age from your comment.”

“There’s a couple at Hybe who live together at Hannam the Hill, and it’s clear how calm they are around this couple…”

“Just say it’s true. Even the public already knows.”

“But because this is a friendship relationship, it’s not appreciated by singers, fans, or the company. If you start a relationship, you silently pursue them like a sasaeng. I’m trying to prevent it, but… I hope my agency does something like this too; I’m suffering a lot.. haha.”

“Why are you so angry?”

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“Are you saying this because your bias’s career is heavily influenced by their dating rumors?? Why are you acting this way?”

And many more comments.

So, what’s your opinion?

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