‘sCongratulations! Jisoo BLACKPINK has just made history, not only for her group but also for their agency, YG Entertainment.

The 1995-born idol created a buzz recently with her victory at the prestigious annual South Korean event, Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)!

At least three major awards were won by the BLACKPINK member individually, without the group’s name.

After her solo debut on March 31, 2023, Jisoo BLACKPINK has taken significant steps forward in her career.

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Despite being the last member to debut solo, Jisoo successfully followed the achievements of other BLACKPINK members as solo artists.

With the release of her debut single album titled “ME,” Jisoo garnered widespread attention. No one expected Jisoo BLACKPINK to succeed with her solo debut, especially with her song “Flower” trending everywhere.

Thanks to Jisoo’s determination and confidence, she proved to the world that she also has tremendous potential, just like other BLACKPINK members.

Since then, Jisoo BLACKPINK has frequently been in the spotlight for her success as a K-Pop soloist.

To showcase the success of her solo debut, Jisoo BLACKPINK won three awards at the prestigious South Korean event, MAMA 2023!

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These awards include:

1. Best Female Artist
2. Best Music Video
3. Best Dance Performance Female Solo


Jisoo BLACKPINK wins three trophies at MAMA 2023.

This should be proof enough of how cool and amazing Jisoo BLACKPINK is as a solo artist.

With this achievement, Jisoo becomes the first and only artist from YG Entertainment in history to win all these categories since 1999.

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Mnet Asian Music Awards, also known as MAMA, was first held in 1999, and until now, no one from YG Entertainment has won the awards that Jisoo BLACKPINK has achieved.

Therefore, Jisoo victory can be considered an extraordinary historical record, considering she is the first artist from YG to break this record.

Even Jennie, Rose, and Lisa, who are very famous with worldwide recognition, have not been able to win these three trophies.

However, Jisoo, with just one solo release, managed to grab all three trophies at once—daebak!

Netizens commented on this legendary victory:

“Being grateful for one is enough, let alone three! We are definitely very proud of Jisoo.”

“A new history for YG Entertainment artists, Jisoo stans successfully gave a special gift to their idol.”

“It’s well-deserved, even her debut song is still on several international charts; we support this decision.”

“Even Jennie couldn’t achieve it, but Jisoo’s is amazing for defeating other soloists.”

“I hope YG prepares a comeback for Jisoo BLACKPINK soon; look, she deserves a full album; she is talented.”

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“I want to see the reactions of BLACKPINK members when they find out Jisoo’s won three awards at MAMA 2023!

“She’s the soloist who won the most trophies last night.”

“I’m truly surprised; she even succeeded in getting 3!”

“Congratulations Jisoo’s; you’ve worked very hard, and it’s well-deserved for you.”

“Finally, Jisoo’s achievements are getting attention in South Korea,” and many other comments.

What do you think?




Jisoo joins Nayeon and Chungha (Twitter).


Jisoo BLACKPINK shares a selfie after her victory at MAMA 2023 (Twitter collage @Jisoostan).

Meanwhile, Jisoo’s BLACKPINK joins Nayeon TWICE and Chungha as third-generation K-Pop female idols who have won the Best Female Artist category.

Jisoo’s BLACKPINK also joins soloist IU as the only female K-Pop solo artist to win three awards at a single event.

At MAMA 2023, Jisoo’s BLACKPINK becomes the only third-generation female solo artist to receive the most trophies.

Congratulations to Jisoo’s BLACKPINK!

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