One of the new K-pop girl groups under YG Entertainment, BABYMONSTER, has attracted attention due to a peculiar circumstance.

This peculiarity is evident as BABYMONSTER has not engaged in any activities whatsoever after releasing their new song titled “Batter Up.”

Activities that BABYMONSTER might have undertaken typically include performing on weekly music shows or appearing on variety shows, but none of that has happened.

No one understands why BABYMONSTER has refrained from any activities following the release of their debut song and MV.

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Debuting on November 27, 2023, BABYMONSTER is a new girl group introduced by YG Entertainment seven years after BLACKPINK.

YG was highly confident that its six members were “all-round” idols with outstanding vocal, dance, and rap skills, along with exceptionally beautiful visuals.

Usually, new idol groups undertake various debut promotion activities, such as debut showcases, music shows, YouTube content, entertainment programs, etc. Additionally, YG might strive to expose them to the public as much as possible.

However, BABYMONSTER has been unusually quiet since their debut, and even their YouTube teasers are not as abundant as in the pre-debut era.

This has led many people to joke and say that BABYMONSTER is a virtual group or an unreal group.

BABYMONSTER debut song “Batter Up” carries a message that the group will be a game-changer in the global music market.

However, the song failed to enter the Korean music charts. It peaked at No. 130 on Melon on the day of its release and exited the Melon Daily Top 100 chart on the 29th.

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Furthermore, its music video also received unfavorable reviews, being called boring and outdated. Some even mentioned that BLACKPINK debut MV in 2016 was better.

Reported by Kbizoom, despite its poor performance in Korea, the song has been quite successful internationally. However, BABYMONSTER has not had any activities abroad.

Although BABYMONSTER means “Young idols with monster skills,” their song, performance, and visuals seem similar to other idols currently in the industry.

Moreover, there are other groups daring to adopt styles and concepts that are cheesy, beautiful, and hip-hop. Some idols have also released only one debut song like BABYMONSTER but still promoted well.

There is an opinion that the public lost interest in BABYMONSTER due to Ahyeon’s absence right before the group’s debut.

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The fact that Yang Hyun Suk produced the group also brings various risks. While facing trial for his threatening accusations, Yang Hyun Suk still tried to work on composing, writing lyrics, and arranging BABYMONSTER’s debut song.

However, this controversial producer eventually received more criticism because the song couldn’t meet the audience’s music expectations.

Although YG stated they would gradually promote BABYMONSTER with more perfect performances and music, it remains questionable whether the members of BABYMONSTER are genuinely perfect for introduction at this time.

BABYMONSTER has yet to be seen, and it’s also unclear how YG will promote the unique charms of the members they confidently introduced earlier.

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