Recently, the name Jisoo from BLACKPINK has once again become a hot topic among Korean netizens. This happened after a user posted on the Pann site questioning whether Jisoo from BLACKPINK is indeed incompetent as an idol.

The post also mentioned that Jisoo from BLACKPINK is often referred to as a third-generation idol with lacking skills and abilities.

Shortly after the post about Jisoo from BLACKPINK went viral, Korean netizens rushed to express their opinions. Many of them stated that Jisoo singing and dancing abilities are unsatisfactory.

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“The pronunciation, vocalization, and dance style are below average. Although there are differences in taste, her basic pronunciation and vocalization are so chaotic that she shouldn’t be acting.”

“Jisoo’s voice doesn’t really fit with BLACKPINK.”

“In terms of singing ability, she is indeed not competent.”

“She may be talented as a celebrity, but she is not competent as a singer.”

However, there were also some who argued that Jisoo’s strength lies in her perfect visuals, and her ability to sing live should not be doubted.

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“It’s funny to say she’s incompetent when she is at the top in terms of visuals in the third generation. Her face is very competent.”

“At least Jisoo is more competent because she always sings live compared to kids who can’t even sing live.”

“I’m not a fan, but Jisoo is very good at singing live?”

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“Jisoo’s vocal tone varies from person to person, but she is stable when singing live.”

“Outside of acting, she is competent as a singer, right? She succeeded as a solo singer, so why do you call her incompetent? I’m not a fan, but I’m very curious about this,” and various other comments.

What do you think?

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