Having just made their debut on November 27th, BABYMONSTER received various comments.

Many netizens highlighted their debut and stated that BABYMONSTER has lost their key to success.

Netizens even mentioned that BABYMONSTER lacks quality as a star.

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Despite their debut being highly anticipated, many netizens expressed disappointment.

The group faced many obstacles before their debut, including postponement dates.

One of the most anticipated debut members, Ahyeon, left the group.

Debuting with the song “Batter Up,” the song is reminiscent of the songs by 2NE1 and BLACKPINK.

Although the music video looks luxurious and glamorous, similar to music videos from other YG Entertainment girl groups, netizens regarded it lightly.

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Many criticized YG’s classic visuals as predictable, and the song was considered outdated.

Some netizens say that BABYMONSTER lacks star appeal. (Koreaboo.com)

Some netizens even said that the group lacks star power. Netizens compared them to their seniors, BLACKPINK, whose members each have a star aura.

“First and foremost, there’s no member that stands out… Who’s the main one?”

“Their music video and style are very cliché.”

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“There’s nothing about this group that captivates me. Not the music video, the dance, or their clothes. I don’t know what the group is trying to represent.”

“It’s a shame they don’t have members who capture your attention.”

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